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You will LOVE the way you feel...

When you share a meal with a special friend at Café Minh. This is truly Asian fusion bistro perfection. And Chefs Minh and Cynthia are beautiful friends whose enthusiasm for culinary creativity comes through in every dish they prepare. It's always a pleasure to see how much they are both loved by their restaurant guests when they take a moment to step away from the bustling kitchen and into the dining room for a round of hugs and handshakes.

Some of my favorite dishes include...
Jumbo Diver Scallops appetizer - Seared scallops with grilled Japanese eggplant, drizzled with a sweet chili-soy sauce. These really are outstanding.
If I don't have the scallops appetizer then I go for the Blackened Jumbo Scallops salad - Served atop field-greens, with orange segments, and tossed in a triple sesame vinaigrette.
Lacquered Duck entree - Half a smoked five-spiced duck. Served with mung bean sticky rice, natural au jus, and baby bok choy.
Then for dessert I usually have trouble deciding among the Key Lime Pie, Vanilla Creme Brulée, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake layered with white and dark chocolate Bavarian creme, and the Chocolate Truffle Flourless Ganache. So, I'll narrow it to 3 and share the Dessert Sample Plate. 

Let's meet for lunch or dinner sometime at Café Minh.  - Stephen

Café Minh
4139 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA  70119

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