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You will LOVE the way you feel...

When you feast on the BEST BURGER IN NEW ORLEANS and perhaps the best you'll find anywhere - it's really that good.

Chef/Owner Adam Biderman is a foodie BEAST who has divined some special New Orleans voodoo magic in the kitchens of the two locations of Company Burger. I started out slowly. I used to be a Single-with-Cheese kinda guy but have now graduated to full-on "Company Burger" (2 patties). I add the fried egg and bacon for the religious experience that progresses with my eyes rolling back in my head. If you think I'm kidding, all I need is the hint of an invitation and I'll meet you either Uptown (I can get there faster) or Downtown. 

Theres also a lamb burger, turkey burger, and not-burgers...fried chicken sandwich, hot dog, and grilled cheese. I hear rumors there will soon also be a plant-based burger.  The sides and shakes are wicked good and there's a full bar at each location.

If you're visiting our beautiful city, save at least one meal for some non-Cajun/Creole goodness and head over to the Beast's burger emporium.

Whisper "COBU" in my ear and see how fast I grab my helmet and riding gloves. - Stephen

The Company Burger - Uptown
4600 Freret Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

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The Company Burger - Downtown
611 O'Keffe Ave C7
New Orleans, LA 70113

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