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You will LOVE the way you feel...

When you spend a night or two at The Troubadour Hotel.

I recently discovered my new favorite place to hang out in downtown New Orleans when I took advantage of a rare opportunity to take a weekday off and enjoy a staycation not far from home.

Over lunch at the property's bistro, I knew I would have to come back the next day and spend a night relaxing in the beautiful new boutique hotel.

When I returned with a friend who joined me for dinner, the evening was off to a great start when I discovered a new Bourbon (Russell's Reserve 10yr) to accompany our appetizers and entrees.

Dessert was another Bourbon at the rooftop bar, Monkey Board. It's open to the public so guests can mingle and make friends with locals. And the view over downtown and beyond is beautiful.

Back a few floors down in my "Troubie Suite" my first thought was, "I must move in." It would be so easy to spend days or weeks here and call the Troubadour home. This was one of the most comfortable hotel stays I've enjoyed in a long time. I immediately felt at home with the deco-meets-70's vibe. The guest suite along with the chic 2nd floor lounge extension of the lobby was well stocked with books from Monocle Magazine, Leica, and Taschen. This photographer of architecture, interiors and travel experiences has discovered his new home away from home. - Stephen

The Troubadour Hotel
1111 Gravier Street
New Orleans, LA  70112

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