TTRNO European Motorbikes, NEW ORLEANS LA

If you are a longtime motorcycle rider or you're curious and think you may like to learn to ride, brothers Max and Zach Materne and the team of TTRNO - The Transportation Revolution New Orleans welcome you to come by and check out bikes from BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and Vespa and clothing and gear in their gorgeous newly-renovated showroom in downtown New Orleans.

Max & Zach Materne  - TTRNO -  The Transportation Revolution New Orleans.

Max & Zach Materne - TTRNO -  The Transportation Revolution New Orleans.

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You will LOVE the way you feel...

...when you become a European motorcyclist in New Orleans.

A year and a half ago I was given the gift of community when I wandered into TTRNO - The Transportation Revolution New Orleans and asked how I could learn about bikes and riding. The staff were extremely welcoming. I didn't feel like I had walked into someone's private club. Within minutes I felt like I belonged there. They told me about a really cool ride for charity the following weekend. "Just come and hang out with us. You don't need a bike." That few hours the following Saturday gave me a real sense of community and changed the rest of my life.

Soon after that I called Clint Austin of NOLA Riding Academy. In a few hours I learned the basics of riding. I then went to Italy for two weeks and became mesmerized with the culture of European bikes. When I returned from Italy I took a more advanced motorcycle safety course and am now a licensed rider. I bought a Triumph Thruxton and have become the little kid who keeps looking out the window to see if it's time to go outside and play.

What’s really cool about riding a motorcycle are the new friends I’ve made and the conversations I’ve had with people because of the bike. Whether they see my sexy-as-heck Thruxton or my favorite retro vintage helmet, strangers (who I think of as friends I just haven’t met) always want to talk about it. I usually hear one of three stories...”I ride” or “I used to ride” or “I’ve always wanted to learn to ride.”

If you're thinking of riding, stop by TTRNO to find your own gift of community or shoot me a text or email. I'm always looking for an excuse to go outside and play. - Stephen

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TTRNO European Motorbikes
901 Julia Street
New Orleans, LA  70113

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